Getting out and into the community

So on the weekend I managed to assist Sunshine FM104.9 carry out the stations ‘first outside broadcast (to current management knowledge). I’m generally not good with early morning starts but I managed to wake up at 4.30am for a 7am start! Two things were on my mind, transmission reception and mobile internet reception both of which turned out to be acceptable. 10 Mins before broadcast we lost power due to one of the electricity circuits being overloaded but moved to a more isolated circuit. A remote VNC session to our playout system on our iPad proved to be a little cumbersome in control, the previous app we trialled may in fact be better but we reverted to a laptop which worked quite well.

We were monitoring the off-air feed in between breaks as I’m still to get the return path to the OB site implemented. All in all a really good start to outside broadcasts and a few lessons learned. Those being ensure an adequate power supply, set up an exclusion tape zone to prevent equipment being bumped, have someone at home monitor the station and using a laptop for remote control of playout. Later this week I will listen back to the log recordings to hear what it sounded like.

I think I’ve increased my passion for outside broadcasts and look forward to the next one with the team!