Keeping the nasty stuff away

We all dread infections, but take a moment to ponder over what you would do if you lost all your data? I recently came across a backup CD I had with material I had not seen in years with some fond memories within. I can’t elaborate how much I wish I’d kept audio recordings from years gone by as some of them would be considered platinum in sharing circles.

So take the time to ensure you do backups, consider how much rework you need to do if you lost the work between backup periods to determine the period is right for you or your station. The best backup is one that is created and kept offline as well as offsite.

It’s typical to disable real-time virus/malware scanning and internet access on your playout system but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using windows update and doing a scan on it occasionally. Make sure you scan those potentially nasty USB Flash Drives before accessing them.

I’m told that best practice is not to let any internet access hit your playout system if at all possible but really I think that you need to use it at times for outside broadcasts even if it is for limited access periods.

Consider also whether your equipment hardware needs firmware updating as they may have security, bug fixes or new features you are missing.