Keeping up with your files

They say you can tell a lot about a person by how they keep their room, but I prefer to see how they keep their desktop for a start. Where do you keep your files that you’re currently working on or will work on within the month. I’m always amazed at how the built in features of MacOS are suited to keeping you on track. I think there is a real need to have classes on how to manage your data files, what to call them and where to store them. In the radio environment I still come across systems that prefer the old 8.3 format, that is the 8 characters and 3 characters extension (the bit after the full stop). But when you come across software limits imposed such as 20 characters, how do you make the name meaningful whilst also informative?

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up of old files of late while also provisioning for future files. I’m amazed by the Sunshine Coast radio stations and how they manage to play music that’s not derived by some mass network music director.

For those of you who work on the music library, what do process do you follow when adding a new audio track? Top & Tail? Normalise and/or compress? Intro & Outro markers? metadata?

Do you store on a NAS then copy to local drives for playback or do you stream the files across the network? What has been your experience?

ABC Brisbane TV have had issues where packages (TV Stories) have been lost because there was not an accurate file naming convention used.

If you click the radio links link on the left of my website, you will notice it has been updated. Most of the information has been from discussion on the Technorama group. I hope you do find this useful for investigating needs of your radio station/s.