Key Segments and Attractions

Do you remember the days of the old radio schedule in the local newspaper? they’d indicate almost all of the segments through the day. I always knew that if “How Green was my Cactus” was playing, I’d be early or late catching the school bus in the morning.

Radio stations are renowned for the whole News, Sport and Weather together at the top of the hour with the outcue always being “the current temperature at XYZ is X degrees”. Once upon a time this was a great way to determine whether your clocks were on time because you’d hear the pips would play just before the news commenced. These days, the segments are pre-recorded more often than not including such things as local news, traffic/road, fishing and surf reports. They may not even be close to the action but simply someone at home in front of a computer with a nice bed of sound effects or music in the background in the pre-record. Some radio networks have added traffic reports to regional stations which are recorded outside the geographic area and are absolutely bungling the street/road names or providing useless information because there are no delays or hazards. On the other hand when stations are on automation or networked particularly on weekends vital information such as power outages rarely get communication to regional communities.

Some stations have started to relay evening TV national news bulletins and/or they do live crosses to the TV Newsreader before the nightly bulletin while others FTP the TV news promo with upcoming headlines as a contradeal.

This leaves me to ponder, does anyone care about background noise in what they hear on the air, does echo or hiss or poor sound quality reads annoy you anymore?

So for stations trying to obtain segments what are your options you may well ask?


  1. Macquarie via FTP which is a short bulletin including sport, read live and captured off satellite, problematic timeouts by reader and inability to sponsor both segments), Macquarie via Satellite (Recorded Live for State bulletins before top of hour) or live for national bulletin.
  2. Australian Independent Radio News, National bulletin delivered by FTP split news and sport allowing sponsor both segments. One morning state bulletin each weekday.
  3. National Radio News available through the Community Radio Network and FTP. One afternoon state bulletin each weekday.

Traffic Road Reports

  1. Australian Traffic Network
  2. Go Traffic
  3. Go Traffic Media

Other Segments

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