Plastic is not fantastic

Over the last couple of years I’ve come to understand that technology development and release is determined with those that have large amounts of wealth. Recently I learned about Nikola Tesla through a documentary video on Amazon Prime and I’m dumbfounded why this genius is not being taught about in the education system. Nikola did exceptional work with electricity, founding AC and even theories about controlling the weather not to

mention concepts of generating free or low cost electricity. On a separate occasion I came across a TV news clip of a man who had built a car that runs on any form of water or the man who created a the most astonishing heat resistant substance that ended up not being shared amongst humanity. My reason for this post is that the works of these people were withheld by government and corporate entities because it would impact the pockets of the elite with their current money making ventures on old technology.

I’m a technologist that wants to share technology that advances the human race with humanity and respect for the universe, not lining the pockets of people with obscene wealth. The title for this post was marked plastic is not fantastic as I believe this worldwide product has caused harm while holding us back from advancement and is a key failing.