Radio Rules!

So as a traffic manager I’m responsible for the scheduling of all sponsorship announcements and training others in the process while liaising with production, sales as well as the content director. The average listener would have no idea how many rules we put in the software or in general our on-air presentation and I dare say most volunteers in community radio have little knowledge as well. Professional stations, particularly in capital cities have very strict rules about what goes to air and when, we call this format and in general it is based on a lot of expensive research over the years as to what works best for the target demographic. Also some stations have changed their traffic departments name to be called airtime management as they were receiving phone calls about road reports, just a little confusion there!

I’m still trying to capture RDS through my rtl2328u dongle, I’ll keep at it until I find a method that works. Interested if anyone else has had any success here.

  • Jeff Ballard

    It should prove to be of interest to the general populous Steven particularly those planning a career in any form of media. Well done

    • Thanks for the feedback Jeff!

  • Bob Stuart

    Your clarity of thought and diligence are much appreciated, Steve.

    Bob Stuart.

    • Thanks Bob, it’s nice to be a part of a great team.