There’s no I in TEAM! Respect for a 24×7 service

Something I have often been disturbed by, particularly in the community radio sector is the occurrence of self importance over the objective of the organisation. If you are a part of a station or you yourself are still referring to your shift as “Your Programme” then this post is aimed directly at you. I see regular posts on Facebook groups of people promoting “their” individual programme and I ask myself why? is the FB group a suitable audience, do they really care about your shift? Sure if it was a networked programme there might be cause for such a post but I fear a lot of the time it is just another post to say hey look at me.

While I have respect for someone that commits to a weekly shift on-air I don’t when it is purely self indulgence without thought of the community movement or objective the station is trying to achieve.

To run a 24 x 7 service is no easy task, particularly when you are trying to improve the art of radio constantly.


  • The station on-air format
  • Volunteers
  • Equipment
  • Sales Team
  • Promotions Co-ordinator
  • Content/Music directors
  • Traffic Manager
  • On-Call Incident Managers / Techs
  • Station Operations Management
  • Board of Management
  • Listeners