The new norm

The Covid19 Pandemic has forced media into a spin to survive, it’s time to blog about it. We’ve seen the loss of regional newspapers, loss of local breakfast presenters on regional radio networks and daytime metropolitan strangely. Those in paid employment be grateful that you still have a position. There are many passionate people who now find themselves looking for a new career path. I want to recognise some of the radio networks assisting with taking up some of those made redundant.

But please recognise that some of these people will go onto services such as Low Power Open Narrowcasts, Online Streaming or AM NAS Licences. Don’t dismiss the effort that these services go to survive, yes sure there are some cowboys with these licences but others are so entrenched in the radio medium they put their efforts into these services. The richness of experience will always shine through on air, localism will be key to winning and not bean counters.

The Media Landscape has changed, are you in a good position?

This blog entry was prompted by a Flipboard App article advising that community TV in Australia is now officially dead and also the impact that COVID has had on the media industry.

I first want to look at my personal media consumption. As I live on the Sunshine Coast I try to keep it local, in the morning I listen to Hot91.1 for the music and the laughs from Dave in the breakfast crew. I stay on this station throughout the day till I get to drive time when I switch to 92.7 Mix FM and get a kick out of Todd’s antics. Sometimes I switch to Nova from Brisbane if I feel like a laugh from Marty Sheargold. I don’t really use my iPhone music collection all that much, I refrain from purchasing tracks or subscriptions through this method as you don’t actually own the music you are leasing it. At night I record 7 local news on the TV and replay the first 15mins as sport and weather are of little interest to me. I’m not interested in paywalls from local traditional newspaper outlets. Before I head off to bed I read articles through Flipboard on my ipad. On weekends if I’m out in the car I keep it on Hot91 or at home I listen to the 80s weekend on Austereos Easy Hits station. I regularly stream Netflix for a few hours each night.

One of the things that attracted me as a youngster to radio was story telling and the ability to pickup a signal from a location far away. When I used to live on an orchard in Orange during my childhood I would listen to 2WS and Triple J through use of a simple TV antenna. I picked up a Tamworth FM station at one stage and used to love listening to the 2Day FM morning crew with Wendy Harmer on visits to Sydney. FM radio was a novelty, one that captured my heart as a school kid and seeing a local community station test broadcasting got me hooked into the industry. I’ve been involved with a handful of stations over the years, visited and listened to over 50. On annual timeshare visits to the Gold Coast I would stay in the apartment and record the non music portions of the stations on the FM band. I wish I had kept the tapes as I believe FM radio was in its prime during this time. I appeared in the local paper a number of times while volunteering in radio, blushing when it was featured on the front page. I remember a time where we only had two TV stations, Midstate Television and the ABC. The stations would start up at 6am transitioning from the test pattern to an opener with the TV transmitter locations across the network. Radio and TV used to be the clocks that would tell whether I was on time to catch the bus to school.

I was an early adopter of technology, one of the first to have a mobile phone at school (the other a drug dealer) and was connected to the internet during its infancy while computer bulletin board services were the current rage. I remember streaming Wild FMs test broadcast from Sydney in the school library, buffering issues were frequent due to the bandwidth limitations at the time. Even the introduction of a computer soundcard was an incredible impact on the radio medium. For my HSC I coded up a front end application to be a playout system for the community station loosely based of RCS Master Control used by commercial stations.

As far as community radio goes though, there were a lot of stations test broadcasting in the 90s in the hope of gaining a fulltime licence, there were rules for a max of 30 days continuous broadcasting and 90 days in total a year, then the rules eventually changed a bit as full time licencing became more of a reality. 1993 the Australian Broadcasting Authority, the regulator now known as ACMA constructed the draft licence area plans. Stations would be given the same coverage as their commercial counterparts. This appears to have been an issue with a number of community stations as they did not realise they weren’t just broadcasting to a handful of suburbs or a town or city but a wide region defined by census collection districts at the time. Also unexpected was that existing commercial stations were granted a supplementary FM radio licence before many community stations were fully licenced. As community stations test broadcasting most were on FM, whereas commercial broadcasters somewhat struggled to compete stuck on the AM band at least in regional areas. 

What is evident however is that through the development of the internet we have seen new platforms emerge in media consumption. Youtube, Napster, Social Media, Podcasting, Netflix, Music streaming services and the smart phone have really fragmented traditional terrestrial delivery markets.

There have been many long serving volunteers over the years who have become set in their ways playing the music they choose or requests from a loyal audience developed over the years often keeping the same timeslot. I believe most community stations have failed to accurately deliver to their market through a failure to survey their potential audiences. The commercial and government radio surveys do not include community broadcasters. This is the biggest struggle point for a community station, how do they prove they are the choice of demographics?

For the past 20 years I’ve seen community stations transition to set playlists during core hours or fully to ensure continued listenership to a wider audience. Nights and weekends are when programming diversity teams allocate to specialty programmes. Every station who goes through this difficult transition and those that haven’t will simply not survive in the current consumer environment. Businesses do not sponsor primarily for a feel good thing for the community, they want to reach people to on sell their products and services. The station then benefits the community by promoting community events and services. Outside broadcasts are the greatest exposure in the current climate to engage the community. Live broadcasting is no longer considered the best content for radio (described as lazy), as James Cridland – Radio Futurologist pointed out in an article last year.

Commercial radio has invested huge amounts into researching listener habits and the professionals from there and government services have a huge knowledge bank to tap into. Community stations should welcome any volunteer input from past and present professional industry employees. Volunteerism is on the decline as our lives become busier and more complex. Time shifting of resources is not optional, it is now essential. Community stations need to network with people from surrounding community stations and their sector bodies. I’m not fond of the CBAA, I’ve been to two conferences and felt like it was an opportunity for metro wide stations to pat each other on the back at the expense of federal funding and member stations. The community radio network, both CRN1, CRN2, the DDN infrastructure is a complete waste of money now it is not a live interactive platform. Community stations first and foremost are about being local, informative, communicative and educational mixed in with entertainment to draw the listener in. The Southern Community Media Association is a sector body for regional, rural and sub metro broadcasters that I truly believe are doing some really positive work in the sector.

My professional network are concerned that Gen Y and more to the point Gen Z are not listening to radio anymore impacting the longevity of the medium. The on demand movement is upon us and it’s here to stay.

So I ask you, is your station surveying the community? Outside broadcasting? Building relationships with community groups and all levels of government in the licence area? Streaming? Podcasting? Blogging? Providing the ability to pre-record when volunteers have more flexible availability? Do you have a strategy for presenters to produce from home due to Covid19 restrictions? Are you financially relying on grants or can you stand on your own feet by other means? Are you working towards official emergency broadcaster status?

Consumer Habits – Hobbies / Gym / Sport

Over the last 12 months I’ve lost around 18kg, changes to diet and exercise regimes the main factors. I swim at Mountain Creek High Aquatic Centre and it is considerably cheaper than other pools especially with a monthly or season pass. There are times the swim club or school take up lane availability but the reduction in cost is well worth that inconvenience. I’m waiting for the pool to reopen at the moment and paying for it through another competitor facility. I also use the TAFE Mooloolaba Gym where they teach personal trainers, substantially cost friendly than other options and the staff are always available to help you.

Weekly Bargains to keep an eye out for! I’m going to shake things up a bit and tell you why they’re on my list:


Mr Chen’s Frozen Steam Selection Dumplings 9 pack 240g $5 save $2.50, Mr Chen’s Frozen Prawn Hargow Dumpliongs 12 pack 300g $5 save $2.50. I love a good dumpling, I wish the Sunshine Coast had a great dumpling house like those in capital cities.

Western Star Supersoft Spreadable Butter Blend 500g $4.80 Save $1.20 it’s the biggest tub meaning cutting down on plastic wastage and it’s an ethical guide choice.

Jalna Pot Set Coconut Greek Yoghurt $5.50 Save $2 – Australian made and owned

Ecostore Vanilla & Coconut Hand Wash 250ml $4 Save $1.50 – ethical guide choice


Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream Vanilla & Boysenberry 2 L $4.25 half price. This is Australian owned and made plus when you add chocolate topping it’s like a type of rocky road taste – delicious!

Bickford’s Pomegranate Juice 1L $5 Save $1 – Australian owned and made plus helps me with some nutrient deficiency at least I think it does.

eBay $50 gift card, earn 2000 Woolworths rewards points worth $10 towards a future shop.

I’m going to start approaching people to be a guest blogger on my site, who would you like to hear from? Who is interested in contributing?

Getting the mix right

In order for a community radio station to work effectively it would be best there be a separation from the management board/committee, operations team, presenters and members. When you spread a person across these separate categories you can wind up having highly stressful situations and limit your flexibility in being able to provide a service to the community. The main reason merging of roles is happening is due to a lack of commitment from a voluntary base which is a cause of concern for the sector.

I highlight the operations team the most however as they know how to keep the machine churning each day and understand the day to day operations the best.

Consumer Habits – Food outside groceries

I’m interested to know how much you pay for takeaway or dine-in food on a weekly or monthly basis, it’s an area I need to cut down on. The entertainment book has been mentioned in numerous blogs and advice columns but I’m not convinced it is worth it personally. 

Weekly Specials

IGA QLD – Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream 2L ½ price $4.25

Simian vs StationPlaylist

I don’t often get time to sit down and really take an in depth analysis of software to determine suitability as a replacement of an existing system. Over December and January, I did just that though using the trial period and a number of emails with the developer.

The reason I undertook this study was because windows 7 support was coming to an end and I would need to upgrade to a later operating system forcing me to either upgrade the version of playout software being Simian or determine whether it was time for a replacement software.

I’ve been a user of Wavestation/Simian since the mid 90s, it was one of the first broadcast applications to be able to be downloaded from the internet and had a pretty good trial option. For a long time it has been based on a Microsoft Access 98 Database background. That being said, it’s 2020 now and that’s quite a historic backend to be using today.

When I way up the cost of the professional Audioscience sound cards for time stretching capabilities and the amount of changes to lock down options in the windows operating system for Simian it just seemed at first glance too much work and more expensive. Not to mention if you don’t buy a support contract you are stuck with an online user forum for support.

So I first came across Stationplaylist (SPL) while working at Sunshine FM, one of my first duties in that role was to get the traffic software Natural Log to reconcile what had played to air from SPL. Since that time I’ve found that there are quite a lot of community radio stations using the product. It is incredibly stable even though some people compare it to Winamp which I think is unfair. I believe it was originally a German Product that was bought by a NZ Uni Professor (Ross Levis) who continues to supply and develop the product based on user feedback.

Email support for a minimal yearly fee has a 48hr turnaround, there is an online helpfile but no on call support although I’m aware of one business in Australia at the moment looking to provide such support. If there is one thing I wish it did have that would be a downloadable user manual.

From user interface perspective it is much clearer what is going on compared to Simian, toggling automate on/off button shows just how simple it can be for your playlisted presenters.

One of the features that drew me to SPL was that it has the ability to top up songs, this is handy when a playlist can’t be found or there is not enough music to fill to the next hour and uses a top up folder specified at anytime. Also it comes with 2 copies of each software module which makes training and a backup playout system readily available including monitoring software to ensure something is playing out.

Now I’ve been using Natural Log for Traffic log building and Natural Music for music log creation. I prefer these to the internal scheduler that comes with SPL, it allows much more control over the song selection rules and takes into account top up songs on reconciling music played. At first I thought I may need to just stick with the internal scheduler for music as I thought it would be too complex to introduce Natural Music during the trial period but was pleasantly surprised.

Importing the existing library was quite easy too, it brought metadata across fine even though I used a cut number and wav extension for filenames. Doing a file scan in the metadata editor then sets cue points and segue points based on audio level thresholds. (Simian doesn’t due an initial cue point, you need to remove the head silence from the audio file). I had already set intro points and hook points from Simian so Ross said he can write an import script for this for a small fee which I intend to take up on purchase. My only disappointment is that I feel that compared to Simians BSI Info Editor (Metadata), it is not as easy to set manual audio response points. The metadata editor that comes with SPL allows a list export that can then be imported into Natural Music after some manual data manipulation.

There was minimal effort required to import Traffic from Natural Log, the bulk of the issues I had come from integrating Natural Music as this is where most of the background commands other than actual music will actually be transferred from. 

The voice tracking module is an absolute dream to use, no longer do I need to run a separate program scan to provide voicetrackers with intro and outro music to assist with laying their voicetracks. Easy to see information for a time call and also ensuring the hour is filled enough to meet the next top of hour while also benefiting from software based time stretching in playout. 

From an administrator point of view, being able to control what users can access when using the voicetracking module even gave me more peace of mind.

I ended up creating a few example training videos of how the software would function for the station I’m trialling for and I’m open to sharing these with anyone interested in viewing them. Just get in touch! I might take a look at mAirList too before I make the final decision. Look forward to your comments on this post too…

Consumer Habits – Our fur babies!

I generally take my cat to see the Vet once or twice a year although recently I had to take him due to an abscess that they believe happened when a cat bit him. The poor little guy had to wear a cone for a few weeks but is much happier now. I generally get his worming treatments from eBay and his Ziwi food plus other accessories from Pet Stock. There has been a lot of talk amongst people about pet insurance. I can say for certain I can’t do without it, my pet is 4 years old and there have been 3 emergency events that I’ve needed to take care of him. I am interested in finding out what you do about cleaning your pets teeth though? getting the vet to do it is incredibly expensive outright.

Bargains this week to watch out for…Nothing really worth mentioning!

Buy Swap Sell

I’ve just finished reading “Your Money or Your Life” book and highlights again to get rid of the clutter in my life. I’m doing this in my own personal life and professional life too. So here is my gumtree listings link

It amazes me about the headspace we go through to save a dollar here or there, it’s quite the challenge!

In a radio space, there is no real avenue to advertise surplus equipment that can be picked up by others in the sector. There have been some efforts in Technorama to do this but nothing concrete. So it’s left in the eBay & Gumtree domains at the moment, although I will be in touch with John Maizels soon as I do have quite a bit of surplus equipment to disperse.

It has me wondering though, does anyone swap anymore?

Consumer Habits – All that other vehicle stuff

So I’m not savvy in paid parking tips, anyone care to share theirs? I try to avoid road tolls where possible. As far as car maintenance goes I don’t know who to really trust with a vehicle, do you do the fixed price servicing with those mentions of things that still need attention at the end or do you just pay up, really interested to know your experiences here. As for other travel, in each state I visit I try to gain an electronic travel card such as Go card in QLD, Opal in NSW and Metrocard in SA which brings down the cost of paper tickets.

Bargains this week to watch out for…

Coles: Freedom Foods XO Crunch $2 half price, Australia’s Own Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk $1.40 half price. Blackmores Fish Oil 1000mg Capsules 400 Pack $15 half price.

Woolworths: Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Litre $8 half price.

IGA: Moccona Freeze Dried Coffee 400g $13 (17th-19th)

Broadcast Premises

I sat down recently and compiled a list of the broadcast premises I have toured. I thought the number would be around the 30 mark, but I ended up with a list of 52 which is quite staggering to me since I started in radio in 1993.

I was asked on an online forum what are my top 5 observations, well I actually came up with 6.

  1. Your station can look like a shack but still sound like a winner on air
  2. Live is not necessarily the best on-air method
  3. Playing WAV makes a difference
  4. Community Radio is the biggest sector of stations they come in all different flavours 
  5. Playlisting a format is not a bad thing but keep surveying clients/advertisers, not for profits, members and listeners for feedback.
  6. Share your experiences and tips

If you are in broadcast, how many other facilities have you visited?

Consumer Habits – Battery Power

I’ve been reading up a lot about solar and also realising how many devices I use need charging. I’ve had my eye on an electric scooter for some time and I finally decided to purchase an Xiaomi M365 Scooter with a 30km range and an average travel speed of 15km/hour on economy mode. I’m not able to ride a bike due to back issues but I also didn’t want to drive to local places. So far I’ve ventured as far as the local pool and even updated the scooter firmware via the mobile app. When I was in Brisbane on Monday I was taken by how many people are using the rental scooters in the CBD. QLD is leading with the law regulation on these devices in my opinion, I hope the other states follow their lead as we need more people with cars off the road.

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Woolworths: Austraiia’s Own Organic Almond Milk $1.40 half price, Freedom Foods XO Crunch $2 half price.

IGA: Mocconna Freeze Dried Coffee 400gm $15 Save $9.10

Chemist Warehouse: David Beckham Deodorant Body Sprays $4 half price. On Sale now till 16th.

Heart of a radio station, equipment wise!

If you don’t know by now at the very heart of a radio station premises is a playout system containing pre-recorded announcements and music in general. I’ve just spent most of my weekend looking at various systems, primarily Station Playlist Studio & Creator combinations.

I looked at Zara as a free software program, but I think I’d only use it for a narrowcast loop program, it seems as though you have to manually create a playlist. For something with a daily log, I don’t think you can beat the playout system Station Playlist Studio for price and packed with feature rich functionality, I just wish it had instant phone support and a pdf manual. While I don’t mind Creator too much for creating logs, to gain greater control on the traffic and music you really need to consider 3rd party applications then import them in. But that is what it really boils down to, how specific do you want your traffic and music rules to be. Do you want to sound repetitive, static or dynamic with what you put to air.

You also need to know if you’re going to run a station with voice breaks and will they be recorded or live or perhaps a combination of both.

Because it is at the very heart you need to ensure your existing system changeover is relatively smooth, make sure you don’t destroy your audio library in the process and try to cut down on any re-work on those thousands of audio files.

Consumer Habits – Petrol

What timing for this topic, the Sunshine Coast registered the highest amount for petrol in Queenslands’ history this week. Having insurance with Youi, I have the benefit of their rewards program which can see discounts like 5-15% off Caltex gift cards or a certain amount of cents of a litre, something like 10c. Also keep an eye out for deals with Cashrewards discounts linked to your credit card for Caltex discounts. And there is the bonus of Woolworths Rewards discounts too as I’m a member.

I tend to use the above method in conjunction with the petrol spy website to find the cheapest local fuel price, using U98 fuel most of the time. But more often than not independent Aussie World Garage on the Bruce Highway beats all operators in the area, so they become my default.

Don’t forget that A/C in the car can be costing you up to 10% in fuel and of course be light on that accelerator, try to use cruise control where it is feasible.

Bargains to watch this week (from Wed) –

Coles: Moccona Classic Freeze Dried Coffee $14 Save $10, Boost $150 Recharge 80GB Unlimited Calls 12 Month Expiry $135 Save $15

Getting out there and networking with people

Whenever I travel away from home, I try to checkout a radio station or catch up with people in the industry. I’ve actually lost count of the amount of stations I’ve visited now and each one I’m sure I’ve learnt something and perhaps given them some nugget of information that could help their operation.

I was in Melbourne so I made my way out to Bayswater to visit the team at Agile Broadcast to come up with a plan for updating a stations setup. I learned that one of their products takes direct USB connections like soundcards rather than having to use an IP driver which is likely to save some money. Sometimes email and phone doesn’t give you the full picture and it was really good to meet Ian who knows the products in depth and Deb even provided some advice on some of the voluntary grant work she has conducted.

It was time to head over to Mill Park to checkout Plenty Valley FM, thanks to Brian & Nick who showed me through the facility and transmission site. I find it fascinating how other stations put their show together and the logic involved. It was good to advise them of the Station Playlist Mobile App interface which might help them.

Don’t settle for just trying to operate your own station, get out and visit vendors and other stations you will learn from their experiences too. The Technorama conference for me is about learning through shared experiences, the greatest value.

Consumer Habits – Grooming

Ok so I can really give advice as a man here, I’m still not sure what is the best way to shave but at the moment I use an ALDI razor with replacement blade packs. I’m pretty sure Germany would provide the best solution hence the choice. I use the Australian product Trishave for the lather and it does a really good job lasting a long time. But if I’m wrong feel free to pop a comment here on the blog on what you’ve found works well for you.

When it comes to haircuts, I used to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get my hair coloured then I went el cheapo and went for one of those $10 places that suck your hair up with a vacuum cleaner when the cut is finished. I now go to a local for about $25 as I’m growing my hair out, it seems male haircuts are at a premium price here on the coast. In Brisbane it was considerably less.

Bargains this week (from Wed):

Woolworths: Bega Cheese Block 1Kg $10 Save $2

IGA: Mainland Buttersoft Butter 375g $5 Save $1.70, Moccona Freeze Dried Coffee 400g $15 Save $9.10

A change of pace, a twist of anxiety!

I suffer from an anxiety disorder and I’m finding more of the people I know are impacted by their own anxiety issues. I’ve just finished listening to the audiobook by Sarah Wilson called “First, we make the beast beautiful”. This is the first audiobook I’ve listened to and it spoke volumes to me, it is the first time I’ve heard near the full spectrum of another persons’ journey with anxiety. I thoroughly recommend it to any person who has anxiety in their life, the similarities in my life with Sarah’s are extraordinary. If you do listen, you will hear much of what I also go through on a regular basis.

Australians are searching “Anxiety” in Google more than any other country. In 2007 the interest was 30 and in March 2019 hit 100. I can’t help but think Technology has a major part to play in this.

Consumer Habits – Banking

I still recall Richard Branson taking out a full page newspaper ad when he tried to get Virgin into their current domestic airport terminal in Sydney for a decent price. He called the Macquarie Bank, “a bunch of bankers”. Which is much of how I regard banks now, the interest rate through banks is appalling. I tend to go for no fee accounts and credit cards using tools such as to find a good deal. I did have an AMEX no annual fee frequent flyer points card but after a second bad ordeal with ANZ who manage the service here I left. That and the fact that AMEX is not accepted anywhere near as much as VISA or Mastercard and I’m told they make merchants wait 90 days for payment. I may try to get a St George No Annual Fee card later which will have my regular bill transactions only.

If you are a wealthy person you can take part in frequent flyer incentive signups and swap cards regularly to earn maximum points.

For the moment I’ve settled on MeBank which is derived from Australian Super Funds, any ATM fee reimbursement, use paypass 4 times in a month and you get bonus interest on your online savings account. Their Frank credit card also has no annual fee. The only downside I find with MeBank is their transactions take a day or three to show on internet banking. I also have an RACQ bank account which gives me access as a member to their rewards discounts scheme. The same with Suncorp, but with an added bonus that you can have free sub accounts to help you manage your money better.

A tip for you, when regular large deposits go into your account, setup automatic transfers to separate accounts. If you don’t see as much money in your account you are less likely to spend. A reminder that most banks transfer out in the morning and deposit in the evening, so you might like to setup your transfers for the day after any deposits come in.

The game changer is RAIZ, this allows you to invest your money through a third party app. With incentives such as account top ups where it invests roundups of transactions on your bank/credit cards and also rewards if you purchase online transactions through their partners. Yes there is more risk than a bank but the returns are substantially more than a bank.

If you want a tool to manage your money by viewing across accounts and credit cards which I’ve previously mentioned then getpocketbook.

Bargains this week (from Wed):

Coles: Blackmores Fish Oil 100mg 400 pack $15 – ½ Price

Watch this website for a new addition to the left pane, I’ll be adding referral incentives for common products and services I use. You save and I save together!!!

Are we saying goodbye to AM radio?

The latest vehicles have no AM radio or the menu option is buried far down the command tree. Australia adopted the DAB+ radio standard but this is not ideal for current far reaching AM transmitters in rural areas of the country. I believe that DRM and HD Radio are being looked at again, both are In-Band-On-Channel technologies.

There are also areas where AM commercial licences are being replaced by FM. There is nothing being said about AM NAS licences which are held above the normal AM frequency range and can be received in most modern cars.

I’m not sure that digital radio is the right move for the industry, I think there needs to be more effort in online streaming platforms to deliver services for the future. Bear in mind there is no digital terrestrial solution for sub metro stations or low power open narrowcasters at this point in time.

Consumer Habits – Dining/Takeaway

This is an area where I believe people are spending too much and it’s probably most likely to be because someone doesn’t feel like cooking at the end of a day. I keep an eye out on Ozbargain for deals with Menulog, Deliveroo and Uber Eats and read reviews on Zomato. Signing up to a loyalty club of a local restaurant can also be beneficial. I recently went to a locals’ night at a highly regarded restaurant and had a beautiful Chicken Supreme dish for only $20, the gnocchi were beautiful golden pillows of fluffiness. Normally a dish like this is around $33.

I’m yet to try this but first table sounds like a great option for an early cheap meal.

Bargains to watch out for this week (start Wed) – 

Coles: Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Litre $8 (half price)

Woolworths: Australia’s Own Organic Almond Unsweetened Milk 1 Litre $1.40 (half price), Moccona Classic Freeze Dried Coffee 400g $16 Save $8, Sunrice Jasmine Rice 5kg $8.50 (half price)