A change of pace, a twist of anxiety!

I suffer from an anxiety disorder and I’m finding more of the people I know are impacted by their own anxiety issues. I’ve just finished listening to the audiobook by Sarah Wilson called “First, we make the beast beautiful”. This is the first audiobook I’ve listened to and it spoke volumes to me, it is the first time I’ve heard near the full spectrum of another persons’ journey with anxiety. I thoroughly recommend it to any person who has anxiety in their life, the similarities in my life with Sarah’s are extraordinary. If you do listen, you will hear much of what I also go through on a regular basis.

Australians are searching “Anxiety” in Google more than any other country. In 2007 the interest was 30 and in March 2019 hit 100. I can’t help but think Technology has a major part to play in this.

Consumer Habits – Banking

I still recall Richard Branson taking out a full page newspaper ad when he tried to get Virgin into their current domestic airport terminal in Sydney for a decent price. He called the Macquarie Bank, “a bunch of bankers”. Which is much of how I regard banks now, the interest rate through banks is appalling. I tend to go for no fee accounts and credit cards using tools such as finder.com.au to find a good deal. I did have an AMEX no annual fee frequent flyer points card but after a second bad ordeal with ANZ who manage the service here I left. That and the fact that AMEX is not accepted anywhere near as much as VISA or Mastercard and I’m told they make merchants wait 90 days for payment. I may try to get a St George No Annual Fee card later which will have my regular bill transactions only.

If you are a wealthy person you can take part in frequent flyer incentive signups and swap cards regularly to earn maximum points.

For the moment I’ve settled on MeBank which is derived from Australian Super Funds, any ATM fee reimbursement, use paypass 4 times in a month and you get bonus interest on your online savings account. Their Frank credit card also has no annual fee. The only downside I find with MeBank is their transactions take a day or three to show on internet banking. I also have an RACQ bank account which gives me access as a member to their rewards discounts scheme. The same with Suncorp, but with an added bonus that you can have free sub accounts to help you manage your money better.

A tip for you, when regular large deposits go into your account, setup automatic transfers to separate accounts. If you don’t see as much money in your account you are less likely to spend. A reminder that most banks transfer out in the morning and deposit in the evening, so you might like to setup your transfers for the day after any deposits come in.

The game changer is RAIZ, this allows you to invest your money through a third party app. With incentives such as account top ups where it invests roundups of transactions on your bank/credit cards and also rewards if you purchase online transactions through their partners. Yes there is more risk than a bank but the returns are substantially more than a bank.

If you want a tool to manage your money by viewing across accounts and credit cards which I’ve previously mentioned then getpocketbook.

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Watch this website for a new addition to the left pane, I’ll be adding referral incentives for common products and services I use. You save and I save together!!!

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