Broadcast Premises

I sat down recently and compiled a list of the broadcast premises I have toured. I thought the number would be around the 30 mark, but I ended up with a list of 52 which is quite staggering to me since I started in radio in 1993.

I was asked on an online forum what are my top 5 observations, well I actually came up with 6.

  1. Your station can look like a shack but still sound like a winner on air
  2. Live is not necessarily the best on-air method
  3. Playing WAV makes a difference
  4. Community Radio is the biggest sector of stations they come in all different flavours 
  5. Playlisting a format is not a bad thing but keep surveying clients/advertisers, not for profits, members and listeners for feedback.
  6. Share your experiences and tips

If you are in broadcast, how many other facilities have you visited?

Consumer Habits – Battery Power

I’ve been reading up a lot about solar and also realising how many devices I use need charging. I’ve had my eye on an electric scooter for some time and I finally decided to purchase an Xiaomi M365 Scooter with a 30km range and an average travel speed of 15km/hour on economy mode. I’m not able to ride a bike due to back issues but I also didn’t want to drive to local places. So far I’ve ventured as far as the local pool and even updated the scooter firmware via the mobile app. When I was in Brisbane on Monday I was taken by how many people are using the rental scooters in the CBD. QLD is leading with the law regulation on these devices in my opinion, I hope the other states follow their lead as we need more people with cars off the road.

Bargains this week (start Wed) to watch for:

Coles: Lindt Chocolate Block $3 Save $1.25, Bega Tasty 1Kg Block Cheese $10 Save $3.40

Woolworths: Austraiia’s Own Organic Almond Milk $1.40 half price, Freedom Foods XO Crunch $2 half price.

IGA: Mocconna Freeze Dried Coffee 400gm $15 Save $9.10

Chemist Warehouse: David Beckham Deodorant Body Sprays $4 half price. On Sale now till 16th.

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