Getting out there and networking with people

Whenever I travel away from home, I try to checkout a radio station or catch up with people in the industry. I’ve actually lost count of the amount of stations I’ve visited now and each one I’m sure I’ve learnt something and perhaps given them some nugget of information that could help their operation.

I was in Melbourne so I made my way out to Bayswater to visit the team at Agile Broadcast to come up with a plan for updating a stations setup. I learned that one of their products takes direct USB connections like soundcards rather than having to use an IP driver which is likely to save some money. Sometimes email and phone doesn’t give you the full picture and it was really good to meet Ian who knows the products in depth and Deb even provided some advice on some of the voluntary grant work she has conducted.

It was time to head over to Mill Park to checkout Plenty Valley FM, thanks to Brian & Nick who showed me through the facility and transmission site. I find it fascinating how other stations put their show together and the logic involved. It was good to advise them of the Station Playlist Mobile App interface which might help them.

Don’t settle for just trying to operate your own station, get out and visit vendors and other stations you will learn from their experiences too. The Technorama conference for me is about learning through shared experiences, the greatest value.

Consumer Habits – Grooming

Ok so I can really give advice as a man here, I’m still not sure what is the best way to shave but at the moment I use an ALDI razor with replacement blade packs. I’m pretty sure Germany would provide the best solution hence the choice. I use the Australian product Trishave for the lather and it does a really good job lasting a long time. But if I’m wrong feel free to pop a comment here on the blog on what you’ve found works well for you.

When it comes to haircuts, I used to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get my hair coloured then I went el cheapo and went for one of those $10 places that suck your hair up with a vacuum cleaner when the cut is finished. I now go to a local for about $25 as I’m growing my hair out, it seems male haircuts are at a premium price here on the coast. In Brisbane it was considerably less.

Bargains this week (from Wed):

Woolworths: Bega Cheese Block 1Kg $10 Save $2

IGA: Mainland Buttersoft Butter 375g $5 Save $1.70, Moccona Freeze Dried Coffee 400g $15 Save $9.10

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  1. Priced a haircut the other day. One barber in Buderim said the cost depends on who cuts it. One of the junior staff: $38, the senior staff $58. I found a hairdresser in Sippy Downs who did the job for $25.

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