Getting the mix right

In order for a community radio station to work effectively it would be best there be a separation from the management board/committee, operations team, presenters and members. When you spread a person across these separate categories you can wind up having highly stressful situations and limit your flexibility in being able to provide a service to the community. The main reason merging of roles is happening is due to a lack of commitment from a voluntary base which is a cause of concern for the sector.

I highlight the operations team the most however as they know how to keep the machine churning each day and understand the day to day operations the best.

Consumer Habits – Food outside groceries

I’m interested to know how much you pay for takeaway or dine-in food on a weekly or monthly basis, it’s an area I need to cut down on. The entertainment book has been mentioned in numerous blogs and advice columns but I’m not convinced it is worth it personally. 

Weekly Specials

IGA QLD – Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream 2L ½ price $4.25

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