Getting your software right!

Running a radio station relies on having decent software that matches your desired workflow. From your administration to your on-air output there are multiple software packages there to assist you in the operations. 

Note in the Radio Hyperlinks page I created on the left-hand side there are many varied possibilities. I don’t recommend just whacking in the first software you come across but chat with others in forums or your professional network to get a good grasp on what is thought to be a good or great solution. It will depend on your requirements and the budget, there is no doubt RCS wins most professional clients, but it comes at a hit to the pocket. 

Comparing playout systems is probably the most difficult and controversial topic as there as so many aspects to consider. Remember if you change one software package it can have an impact on others that interact with your current package. Also remember that a software or cloud solution may not be as good as a physical hardware rack unit fit for purpose.

Consumer Habits – Contents Insurance

I recall Ned Flanders from the Simpsons didn’t have insurance because he considered it gambling. Well I guess he is sort of right, but I’d rather have it than be without it as you never know what can happen.

I recently changed my contents insurance to Youi and saved a substantial amount of money. I recommend contents insurance to any adult and each year shop around for a better deal as insurance companies typically spit out an automated renewal amount which will more than likely be higher. The insurance companies use numerous data sets to work out how risky insuring you will be and I get that it can be really frustrating.

Don’t forget to include your special treasured collections and anything you are likely to travel with worth a large amount of money.

Bargains to watch this week:

Woolworths – Moccona Classic Freeze Dried Coffee 400g $16 (Save $8), Mainland Buttersoft 375g $5 (Save $1.70)

Coles Boost Recharge 80GB 12 month expiry $135 (Save $15) I’m using this product!, 20% off iTunes Gift Cards $30,$50,$100. Bega Block Cheese 1kg $9 (Save $2)

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