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I’ve been monitoring the internet feed for Orange’s FM107.5 and noticed a peak in listeners that appears to be around the time of a football match call. Out of interest, what separation rules does your radio station use for Artist? And Song Title?

A sneak preview of some new imaging for them has pricked my ears up and the station seems to be going from strength to strength

Consumer Habits – TV Entertainment Packages

Straight up, I try not support Rupert Murdoch in any of his business deals, this means no Foxtel. I was an early adopter of Netflix and share my account amongst friends and family. I often by Netflix gift cards on special to save on monthly subscription costs. Netflix still suits my tastes at this time but as more streaming services open up and exclusivity becomes a factor this might change. I noticed a remarkable difference in my first Apple TV/Smart TV version of Netflix App when switching to a newer model. Intuitive and sort of a ubiquitous experience.

I like sharing my experiences, so I’ve copied my Netflix Viewing Activity (Available when logging in to the web interface) and placed it here for you to take a look. Maybe you can suggest something and in turn see something I’ve watched you might like.

Bargains to watch this week:

Woolworths – Darrel Lea Chocolate Blocks $2.50 (Half Price)

Coles – Kleenex Double Length 12 Pack Toilet Paper $10 (This stuff doesn’t feel like sandpaper on your bum)

IGA – Bega 1Kg Block Cheese $9

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