Heart of a radio station, equipment wise!

If you don’t know by now at the very heart of a radio station premises is a playout system containing pre-recorded announcements and music in general. I’ve just spent most of my weekend looking at various systems, primarily Station Playlist Studio & Creator combinations.

I looked at Zara as a free software program, but I think I’d only use it for a narrowcast loop program, it seems as though you have to manually create a playlist. For something with a daily log, I don’t think you can beat the playout system Station Playlist Studio for price and packed with feature rich functionality, I just wish it had instant phone support and a pdf manual. While I don’t mind Creator too much for creating logs, to gain greater control on the traffic and music you really need to consider 3rd party applications then import them in. But that is what it really boils down to, how specific do you want your traffic and music rules to be. Do you want to sound repetitive, static or dynamic with what you put to air.

You also need to know if you’re going to run a station with voice breaks and will they be recorded or live or perhaps a combination of both.

Because it is at the very heart you need to ensure your existing system changeover is relatively smooth, make sure you don’t destroy your audio library in the process and try to cut down on any re-work on those thousands of audio files.

Consumer Habits – Petrol

What timing for this topic, the Sunshine Coast registered the highest amount for petrol in Queenslands’ history this week. Having insurance with Youi, I have the benefit of their rewards program which can see discounts like 5-15% off Caltex gift cards or a certain amount of cents of a litre, something like 10c. Also keep an eye out for deals with Cashrewards discounts linked to your credit card for Caltex discounts. And there is the bonus of Woolworths Rewards discounts too as I’m a member.

I tend to use the above method in conjunction with the petrol spy website to find the cheapest local fuel price, using U98 fuel most of the time. But more often than not independent Aussie World Garage on the Bruce Highway beats all operators in the area, so they become my default.

Don’t forget that A/C in the car can be costing you up to 10% in fuel and of course be light on that accelerator, try to use cruise control where it is feasible.

Bargains to watch this week (from Wed) –

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