Live from the Central Coast sort of…

This week I’m typing this blog entry up from the Central Coast of NSW, Terrigal to be more precise. It’s an area I don’t know too much about apart from having family here that I’m catching up with. I’ve been trying to catchup with old friends here and in Sydney for this trip, but people live very busy lives. I found where Star 104.5 studios are located but Shayne Sinclair is in Sydney for the week and in Brisbane for the Commercial Radio Awards. The Community Broadcasting Association awards aren’t too far away either. You have to nominated to be considered for a finalist position. The awards remind us of the passion we put in to make great media, I wish all finalists good luck in their chosen categories.

I’ve also returned to the airwaves at FM107.5 after being asked to pull a shift here and there. Technology is a wonderful tool when it works correctly, and we try to improve on it as time goes by. I’ve been asked by a few people to do some paid work for voiceovers and that will come to fruition soon.

Consumer Habits – Groceries

This is obviously a big expenditure in most peoples’ eyes and I must say it’s something I’ve altered significantly in the last few years. I purchase my meat through a local butcher and the same with fruit and vegetables. I find this gets me better quality, less processed and prices are much better. I feel so sorry for people who are stuck buying these items at a supermarket. Having said that, Supermarket wise I only buy minimal items such as Milk and whatever I find on special or need. I spend minimal time in supermarkets now as I just stick to my list and get out. But there is one major difference I’ve been doing in the last year, if I am purchasing from Woolworths and I know from researching online that my spend will be over $30 then I use the pickup service and regardless of spend at either Coles or Woolworths I now use gift cards which save me between 4-5%. I mean why wouldn’t you if you can shave a bit off, I use Cashrewards which gives me 5% off Woolworths and 4% off either using Suncorp Rewards, which is handy because you can do it at the self-checkout on your phone if need be. I’m a member of Flybuys, Woolworths Rewards and IGA Rewards, there is little benefit, but they do help you track specials on things you have purchased in your history.

Bargains to watch this week:

Woolworths Exclusive – Darrel Lea chocolate bars $2.50 (half price)

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  1. Have a great time in Terrigal mate and FM107.5 is so glad to have you back on air utilizing the technology you brought us and taught us to use.

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