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There have been a few people in my radio circles that have raised the appalling actions of radio management over the last few weeks and I thought it time to put my two bobs worth in.

Commercial Radio is known by many now to be controlled by bean counters, networked stations taking direction from state or head office. I suppose you could say a similar situation is in the ABC with budget cuts, losing talent that once saw them have higher listenership.

On talent, when is it time for management to step in because the talent has gone rogue? I’m talking about Alan Jones & Ray Hadley specifically. Well it seems that may be when the syndicating station is loosing advertisers in great quantities. I can’t listen to either of them and I’m horrified when affiliates give listeners no other choice.

In the community sector, I’m seeing an increase in management boards that have slim radio experience, impacting both the finances and content. Radio stations rely on technical infrastructure and your technical staff spend considerable time researching viable pathway options. Then if you decide to gain advice from someone else, you’ve just insulted your staff and their professional experience. If you’re not sure of the advice you’ve been given, ask for more information, ask for the evidence in their advice. You can even go as far to ask them who did they consult in their professional network contacts.

If you have staff that report to a station or general manager, it is really important that there is a feedback loop to the board on that persons’ effectiveness by the staff. Your staff has the inside knowledge on day to day operations and where they are having difficulties. If you are advertising for a new manager, ensure you involve the staff as to what they believe they need in a new candidate. Regular reviews of staff performance should be measured to ensure your station is working at an optimal level.

Consumer Habits – Communications

It seems the elderly still like to hold on to their landline telephone but don’t rely on this being your emergency device. Due to the NBN infrastructure, your service may be impacted when there is an internet outage or power outage. Some providers help you with a backup battery and also a mobile broadband dongle as a backup. You’ll probably find that your mobile may be a more effective choice for emergency calling. Although I know some people who have a reverse problem, in that their mobile signal is weak and need to use their home wi-fi for mobile wi-fi calling.

As far as NBN internet providers go, I can only recommend Aussie Broadband with their commitment to capacity and Australian call centre staff. For VOIP (Phone) services, I recommend the provider Siptalk.

When it comes to mobiles, you are always better to buy your phone outright. In my situation I recognise I don’t need the latest handset. I source my refurbished unit from either Amazon or Ebay at a cost of around $300 and that will generally last me 2 years. At present I’m on a prepaid plan with BOOST mobile where I payed $135 for 12 months including unlimited calls/text and 80GB Data. I tend not to use much data when I’m about. Keep an eye out for these specials at Coles, Woolworths and even Big W. From memory BOOST management is actually based here on the Sunshine Coast. The Telstra network is far superior to any other, Vodafone would be second in my books with Optus last. Try to purchase your SIM through a provider that is a reseller of the Telstra network which BOOST, Woolworths and ALDI all use.

Really important, don’t bundle your services. This is a marketing ploy to keep you in contract.

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2 thoughts on “Radio Management”

  1. In commercial radio there are station managers who have no on air experience, yet they’re telling their on air talent how to sound. On air experience should be a requirement for a management role at a commercial radio station. The ABC has a similar issue, but with its board, most of the members have no broadcast experience.

    1. Thanks for your comment Trev, I didn’t even know the ABC board had such an issue. It’s interesting to see the forum chatter about bean counters after dollars but not thinking about the listener

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