Saving money on broadcast equipment

First up, you need to know what equipment to look out for, is it a need or a desire? Gumtree, eBay, Facebook groups, GraysOnline, AllBids and Cash Converters are all different places you will find broadcast equipment. But you really need to do your research in what will work out ok in your facility. Just networking with techs in the industry is a good way also to gain from surplus equipment.

I’ve probably managed to buy 3-5 items over the last couple of years through these methods which improves the radio stations I assist and a bonus is that the CBF grant process now allows community stations to put forward used equipment for purchase requests.

Consumer Habits – Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Not too much to say on this subject, when it comes to laundry I use Ecostore liquid to reduce impact on the environment. I wash in cold water and dry using the clothesline or rack only. When it is sunny on the coast 300 days a year on average you make use of the sunshine.

I rarely get any dry cleaning done, the occasional doona and suit for special occasions. Due to my height I almost always needs the hem taken up on new pants. I find people on Gumtree willing to do this much cheaper than retail outlets and also Op Shops could have pants that suit your size without need for alteration.

Bargains to watch out for this week:

Woolworths: Moccona Coffee 400gm $14 save $10, iCare 100% Recycled Toilet Paper Double Length 3Ply 6Pack $5.20 Save $1.30

Coles: XO Crunch Freedom Foods $2 (½ Price), Mainland Buttersoft Butter $5 Save $1.70

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