Shared Core Values and Mission

Too often I’ve come across community stations that have a team that aren’t all working towards the same common mission. Where does the problem lie you may well ask? Well I believe it stems from either a failure of setting a mission statement from the very start of the public meeting to get a station off the ground and perhaps more importantly checking each year if that is still relevant in the current or prospective future environment.

Radio Futurologist James Cridland this week released in his newsletter this week startling results from a BBC UK Radio RAJAR Listenership data analysis. It shows that primarily pop music is the primary source listened to across all age groups ranging from 33.2-45.1% and interestingly 22.6% for talk in the 55+ age group where others groups were less than 8%. Specialty/Ethic/Nostalgia/Classical were less than 8% on all age groups. I think internet streaming services has catered for these other categories today.

In order for a radio station to make its mark and cater to its community the team needs to adopt shared core values and work towards the underlying mission statement. There are too many rogue individuals in stations that aren’t achieving this and begs the question are they there for the community as a service person or are they there to service for themselves?

Consumer Habits – Prescriptions / Medical

I’m one that uses the warehouse pharmacists, simply because they have the best price although some of the family independently owned pharmacies tend to pass on the full concession discount. If the pharmacy is not passing on the full discount, ask for it when placing your script in.

Medical fees are huge these days, most places I go to I’m bulk billed but if you are looking for a decent GP that will provide you with good personal service try the GP Super Clinics who can also offer you a Walk-In clinic on the days that you need to see someone but can’t get an appointment. Ask family and friends who they recommend as a GP as it is a real minefield. Something worth noting though is that GPs don’t get any diet or nutrition education so it would be wise to see at least a nutritionist. I’m told the difference between a nutritionist and a dietitian is that the later also has practiced in a hospital as part of their education.

If your mental health needs a boost, I recommend getting a GP Mental Health plan which allows for up to 10 sessions with a therapist and HCFs Gold Private Health Hospital coverage is the best by far which includes nil excess for same day admissions. If you have a chronic illness then an allied health plan allows you 4-5 sessions with a specialist. 

As someone who spends a fortune on health I’m always looking at ways to reduce this area of my budget. If you are looking to change your health insurance coverage or wanting to check if you are getting the best deal then I can’t recommend more than to talk to a broker service such as John Small Health & Travel Insurance Advisory. I’m with for extras and you can see through their online tool how much you’ve used of your eligible claim categories.

Bargains to watch this week:

Nothing from the supermarkets this week but the online Click Frenzy event starts 6pm AEDT today.

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