The new norm

The Covid19 Pandemic has forced media into a spin to survive, it’s time to blog about it. We’ve seen the loss of regional newspapers, loss of local breakfast presenters on regional radio networks and daytime metropolitan strangely. Those in paid employment be grateful that you still have a position. There are many passionate people who now find themselves looking for a new career path. I want to recognise some of the radio networks assisting with taking up some of those made redundant.

But please recognise that some of these people will go onto services such as Low Power Open Narrowcasts, Online Streaming or AM NAS Licences. Don’t dismiss the effort that these services go to survive, yes sure there are some cowboys with these licences but others are so entrenched in the radio medium they put their efforts into these services. The richness of experience will always shine through on air, localism will be key to winning and not bean counters.

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