Volunteer vs Paid Opportunities

I feel I need to draw a line for myself when it comes between volunteer and paid opportunities in the not for profit sector. I started in radio back in 1993 and the amount of volunteer hours I’ve delivered over this time in short is somewhat excessive. Through this time, I’ve specialised in various aspects of broadcast delivery. It’s only been the last five years or so that I’ve implemented some paid parameters in my involvement.  I’m currently investigating the possibility of running a radio website that brings together key information for running a service and weighing up the pros and cons. Radio is definitely in my blood, so I suspect some sort of paid recognition of my labour will be devised. It is difficult for not for profits to determine when they should actually pay for a person’s time. For those community stations struggling to manage their radio station with volunteer board members, I can’t express enough how much a paid part-time or full-time station manager could benefit your organisation. This is especially important for running the day to day operations, putting out fires and giving the board the opportunity to focus on long term vision and direction.

Consumer Habits – Pocketbook

I’m taking a bit of a break from my exploration of expenses this week to persuade you to start using an app called Pocketbook. This neat little app uses your internet banking logins to pull all your transactions from bank accounts and credit cards to be visible in the one space. Breaking each transaction down to a category used by most users or specified by yourself. I can’t express how much this helps you track spending and adjust as you see fit.

Bargains to watch this week:

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