I’ve volunteered since I was teenager and I can’t imagine not doing it, feels good to give back to the community while also gaining experience or exposure. I wish more younger people would give it a go!

So my volunteer work is in community media, primarily for my hometown station as remote support. A lot of people don’t seem to understand that through the technology we have today we can play a part on a global stage and this means you don’t have to be physically within reach although that does have its obvious advantages such as the best communication method.

In the abscence of a music director, I do the new additions on the weekend based of the Aircheck National Radio Play Chart, Itunes Chart and Country Tracks Chart. I would add from a rock chart too if I could locate one and I’m not a fan of AMRAP. I have access to PlayMPE & DMDS digital download sites, but lately I’ve noticed a lot of the chart toppers aren’t available through them. I’m also the primary contributor to the station Facebook page at this stage and my studies are proving to be very helpful in increasing engagement.

Most Community Media provides airtime to not-for-profit groups at no charge and commonly through community service announcements (CSA). I’ve watched quite a few community stations decline in the training of live reads. For this reason I’m more of a fan of pre-recording these announcements to give the best result. The days of the CSA physical folder really are quite over in my opinion. I pro-actively approach organisations in the National Health Calendar, school newsletter public notices and various licence area events pages. I email these organisations to see if they would like their organisation or event promoted free of charge. I’m also really quite fond of the RADD campaign that uses celebrity voices to promote against drink driving which generally sends updates through on a Monday.

I think for the general public and even quite a lot of community media volunteers don’t realise how much work goes into creating a combined traffic, music and switching event log. There are many software separation rules to help get a good format and there is ongoing fine tuning.

While there was an outside broadcast yesterday, I came across a reverb issue when disconnects occur with the Tieline Bridge-IT codecs and today found the solution to fix this after a few minutes of reading the manual.

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